note on race and rubrics

In educational and employment settings, scales that are very vague and based on the feels of the evaluators are letting in all the biases one may have, conscious or otherwise. Rubrics with objective criteria can be scored more objectively.

Pedagogically, I’ve also noticed students seem to learn more from a a clear definition of success than “write something I think is good”.

UCR’s Grad Council is rejecting admission rubrics that have bullshit wiggle room categories. Like, I do understand why professors would like to have some power to use their own judgement, but people have done the trouble of experimenting and measuring, and those are indeed major openings for bias.

Nick Byrd wrote, “Pre-K through 12th grade “teachers gave the white student[‘s writing] better marks [than identical writing from the black student except w]hen teachers used a grading rubric”.

This racial bias was greater among female and white teachers.

N = 1549″…/

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