• Winter 2020: I will be TAing Howard Wettstein’s Evil
  • Fall 2020: I was the TA for Chris McVey’s Evil
  • Spring 2020: I was the TA for Josh Wood’s Biomedical Ethics.
    Due to COVID-19, this course was entirely remote. My strategy involved more elaborate worksheets for students to complete before coming to section. Because the emergency conditions did not allow equitable access to high-speed internet and available time/space to participate live, I made sections optional times for students to ask for guidance on the worksheets. This ended up being more work for worse results.
    In the first week, I had students fill out a basic questionaire.
    These slides explain why we bother with counterarguments to get students to understand what they are.
    This worksheet guides students through organizing a paper that describes an argument. I use an argument from Garrett Hardin’s “Lifeboat Ethics”.
    This worksheet uses Hardin’s piece to understand how arguments generally work.
    This worksheet explains how to develop one’s own counterargument.
  • Winter 2019: I was the TA for Jeremy Pober’s Mind and Reality.
  • Fall 2019: I was the TA for Michael Nelson’s Logic
  • Summer 2019: I was the TA for Tom Hanauer’s Evil.
    A worksheet on the ethics of eating meat Tom and I made is available here.
  • Spring 2019: I was the TA for Luca Ferrero’s Intro to Philosophy
  • Winter 2018: I was the TA for Josef Muller’s History of Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Fall 2018: I was the TA for Eric Schwitzgebel’s Evil.
    I gave a lecture on Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals. Slides available here.

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