The Suicide Aesthetic

And a crash and a dash and a lash and a slash
Burning through all the loves (lives) I'd love to smash
And a line and a crime and a scream and a shake
Raise your glasses to all of the ashes

Put you in front of a fancy dress and you glow
And I don't need your romance because I only want your adoration
But you taught me how to hate with all of your love
I almost forgot you in this song; I guess that proves I grow

You know I'm always there whenever you feel low
And I don't need your faithlessness because I found the way within myself
So you can trash my name all you want but it's stronger than you
Weather's getting colder and I can't see you (thought I saw you) in the snow

You come and you go and you cum and you go
And I don't need your fucking God because I am a fuck-God
But honey, let me tell you, your head's been fucked enough
And I've already got something to show

Your wrists are awfully good at hiding the scars below
And I don't need your dark ambitions becuase I already swallowed Hades
And dear, we can only dance in the moonlight until sunrise
Yet I'm pretty sure that's a line you already know

A Ruse, A Muse

These lines bleed, those words screed
Even looking inside blind, each line a bind
Engine of Destruction, Goddess of Corruption
Power with no handle, burning the brightest candle
Fading to a wraith, in need of a grain of faith
A complete smash-up, a thousandth mash-up
A thousand steps down, a completely soaked crown
Just disappear, please reappear
One thing led to another, find cover
Prayers for transduction, proclivity for induction
Five lessons learned, all too concerned
A wreck scene photo op, encountered a suspected cop
Contortion is a hobby, contusions in the lobby
No desire out, two ways about
Half-empty boxes, devilish foxes
Contrived synthesis, matters of (co)incidence
Complete deconstruction, mystical production