Self-laceration, ethanol intoxication, anaerobic metabolizationHypertense salination, just anything will do for this fixationGlucose, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, prompting salivationProtein and oxygen, sustaining this incarnationGlass of water, take a nap, fawn and fall from tantalizationAnother bout of inhibition: aid via inebriationA deeper form of auto-asphyxiationfollowed by disappointing auto-defenstrationAbstraction escaping concretizationChilling for preservationNo reverence for life’s stationLiberty enacted radically usurping destinationBroken intonation for a melancholy audiationVisualization of … Continue reading Infatuation


To compose a songTo sing a longWith a mental melodyAnd nebulous harmonyGo on to a soloThen get all mellowStart a round of jazz–and all that jazzOr write some smooth bluesColor the sound with blocks and huesForce down a trillOr scale the millCompose a songWhile singing alongAnd just as I have said Continue reading Composing

Cherry Vodka

Sweet cherry vodka I cannot rid myself of theeEverytime I get away I crawl back to you in agonyI just need one more drink, another sip tonightAnd then I promise I can go make things rightFrom childhood I learned to love your sweet embraceI thought one day I’d leave you but I fear that’s not the caseSo pour me another glass, dear, you’ve always been … Continue reading Cherry Vodka


In silence we lie.And to think I didn’t knowhow fleeting was our goodbye.In you I see a bright glow.You bring about such desire.Such desire I hitherto did not know.So much in you I admire,your wit, your charm, your drive for adventure.You bleed the lines of admiration and desire.There’d been days that I’d conjectureyour subtle movements were in fact hints.Were we to had have gone forth … Continue reading Bloom