Agreement Reading List

In researching the question What is Agreement? I came up with the following reading list as a starting point: J.L. Austin, How to Do Things with Words J.L. Austin, Philosophical Papers J.L. Austin, The Meaning of a Word J.L. Austin, Performative Utterances L. Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations L. Wittgenstein, On Certainty Daniel Greco and Brian Hedden, Uniqueness and Metaepistemology Catherine Z. Elgin, Persistent Disagreement Richard Feldman, … Continue reading Agreement Reading List

Don’t Assume Students Don’t Read

One day when I was grading reading responses, I thought over half the class didn’t read. We’re near the end of the term, and this seems to be a common assumption among people in instructional roles in universities anyhow. But, to avoid throwing out accusations without sufficient evidence, I acted instead on the assumption that a lot of students just didn’t understand the reading. Turns … Continue reading Don’t Assume Students Don’t Read