Can you hear the thunder tremble?Eyes surrender, wisdom falls from the skylain across the breast of the Earth.A harrowing tale awaits of leviathan,lunatic, and whale. You see it beganin River’s bed and the morning was lateso River ran across the town, herpen fallen in bed. If only that nightshe’d had a friend. For the afternoonfell and still no later she trippedand fell downhill into the … Continue reading River

Saying You’re Dead to Me Overstates Your Importance

I probably should have been upset by the fact that my father is deadto me. But instead of moping I went out singing about bashing him in the head.All I can do is smile in the self-inflicted sunshineas he stains his pillows red. The closest I came to giving a damn was when I was afraid I’d be hit forhomicide. Maybe I should feel something … Continue reading Saying You’re Dead to Me Overstates Your Importance

Smile for the Violence

Smile for the violence because there’s nothing left to sayYou can pick a verse and chapter for whatever you feel todayAnd the words don’t matter because they never matterThe only thing that matters is I hear your face shatterOn the concrete against the wall smashed like a whoreLet me show you some real love because you need someone to abhorYou want to feel, just about … Continue reading Smile for the Violence

Three Way

Screams have at least three ways about themThis time we’re going to rock with joyGoodness, goodness, badness, blueness,I say “ahoy” and you say “lem”“Lem?”I ask.You bask.Bask in the awe.Springtime summerfall.Evenfalling sunshine leaves us speechless.An intersection of rivers, roads, and lives. Continue reading Three Way