You’re a pirateand you’d better not forgetthat when you step over the threshold of your shippeople will look oddly at you.When you keep on walking down the streetKids will run from you and scream.When you cross the street and step into a storeemployees will revile you and kick you out.If you’ve got no characteryou’ll turn back,and if notyou’ll keep on going     as you’re going … Continue reading Character

The pirates are ready for more Netflix removals

Well, another batch of popular shows are being removed from Netflix. And quite a few people are ready to just pirate the shows. I’m not quite sure whether the network execs aren’t thinking this sorta thing through or just assume everyone forgot how to acquire things for free. Piracy rates plummeted when Netflix, Spotify, etc. got big because, sure, you could download things one by one … Continue reading The pirates are ready for more Netflix removals