A new (metaphysical)-political compass

Usually when I get into political discussions, these two (or three) questions tend to come up the most. So I made a new political compass since I think the common one really only works within a pretty limited domain, anyway. Some on the left like to say I’m on the right because I think people are ultimately responsible (descriptively) for their own actions. (You may … Continue reading A new (metaphysical)-political compass

Philosophical Sketch: Shrinking Future Time

I’ve mentioned Shrinking Future Time (SFT) before, and according to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it isn’t one of the three theories on the ontological differences (or lack thereof) between the past, present, and future. As the name suggests, the theory is just turning Growing Past Time (GPT) on its head: the present and future are real, but the past is not. My goal here is … Continue reading Philosophical Sketch: Shrinking Future Time

WP: Time Freezing feat. Naps

Today I have another writing prompt to respond to with philosophy instead of fiction. This time it’s about time. (Conveniently, time is another one of my favorite topics.)  Once again it originates from tumblr.     Time travel is a surprisingly well-explored area in philosophy. Freezing time is similar to time travel in some ways, though I’ve yet to come across any papers involving time … Continue reading WP: Time Freezing feat. Naps

WP: Red Strings Extending Past the Sky (feat. Free Will)

Another writing prompt (with responses): Off the bat, I have a little bit of a problem with the premise given it entails fate, but that’s okay, it opens the door to talking about the interplay of free will and fate. I’ll talk about that first. Then I’ll get into the possibilities of what an upward-going string could mean, be it aliens, celestial bodies, or (as … Continue reading WP: Red Strings Extending Past the Sky (feat. Free Will)