Some Comments on Psychiatry, Re: Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson has been getting some attention for her rather obscene claims about healthcare. But I think there’s an important discussion to be had here; inability to pay isn’t the only thing harming people in the current system. I present the following four facts: 1. Most psychiatric disorders don’t have well-understood mechanisms. For most conditions, there are several competing hypotheses, some or all of which … Continue reading Some Comments on Psychiatry, Re: Marianne Williamson


This shell harbors one full cast in desperate need of a crew.Playing each role in stride ignoring the characters’ names on the side.The antagonist just is the protagonist,and her plucky sidekick, too.Don’t look carefully, and you can believe it’s a ruse.Besides, the choreography’s wrong, and the jester’s an agonist.This identity is merely an illusion.Every act just a comedic melodramatic allusion.If you peer closely, no you … Continue reading Instability