Come now, and take my hand
I want to dance with cand-
or and rigor,
so much splendor.
We'll spin the night away
For joy is here to stay
Let the stars inspire us
Light the fire within

Now spin, spin, step, and spin
Let all of your troubles sweat away
And let your hands find their
way onto my shoulders and then my hips
Then let your face make its way to my lips.

I can feel your trepidation --- your heart is
beating through your shirt. But if you fall
There's nothing to miss. We'll wake up again
and the sun will shine again.

The Suicide Aesthetic

And a crash and a dash and a lash and a slash
Burning through all the loves (lives) I'd love to smash
And a line and a crime and a scream and a shake
Raise your glasses to all of the ashes

Put you in front of a fancy dress and you glow
And I don't need your romance because I only want your adoration
But you taught me how to hate with all of your love
I almost forgot you in this song; I guess that proves I grow

You know I'm always there whenever you feel low
And I don't need your faithlessness because I found the way within myself
So you can trash my name all you want but it's stronger than you
Weather's getting colder and I can't see you (thought I saw you) in the snow

You come and you go and you cum and you go
And I don't need your fucking God because I am a fuck-God
But honey, let me tell you, your head's been fucked enough
And I've already got something to show

Your wrists are awfully good at hiding the scars below
And I don't need your dark ambitions becuase I already swallowed Hades
And dear, we can only dance in the moonlight until sunrise
Yet I'm pretty sure that's a line you already know


Self-laceration, ethanol intoxication, anaerobic metabolization
Hypertense salination, just anything will do for this fixation
Glucose, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, prompting salivation
Protein and oxygen, sustaining this incarnation
Glass of water, take a nap, fawn and fall from tantalization
Another bout of inhibition: aid via inebriation
A deeper form of auto-asphyxiation
followed by disappointing auto-defenstration
Abstraction escaping concretization
Chilling for preservation
No reverence for life’s station
Liberty enacted radically usurping destination
Broken intonation for a melancholy audiation
Visualization of nothing beyond imagination
Barred depression, anxiety, no coming to realization
Depths of disenchantment leave no space for persuasion
Cyclically revolving diurnal and nocturnal peregrination
Evisceration of fantastical illusory forthcoming salvation
Coming to idealize only inevitable nihilation


In silence we lie.
And to think I didn't know
how fleeting was our goodbye.

In you I see a bright glow.
You bring about such desire.
Such desire I hitherto did not know.

So much in you I admire,
your wit, your charm, your drive for adventure.
You bleed the lines of admiration and desire.

There'd been days that I'd conjecture
your subtle movements were in fact hints.
Were we to had have gone forth would have been quite the adventure.

While my heart and eyes wander, none like you have been around since.
Only in absence via distance could or did I ever find myself away.
Still, sipping from this chalice I contemplate new hints.

Here I write to you on a midsummer's day,
and if I could be with you
I'd wash the whole season away.

For what time we have left there is so much to do.
In a dream so much to confide,
but enough about me; isn't this one about you?


I've fallen deep and down spiralling out of control
No longer can I defend the mind the morals my home my land
Your sweet infection has claimed my mind my soul and thrown it
Into chaos disconnected from all reality and for this world a misfit

But a misfit's just what I was I am I want for
I want little more than to escape slavery to the world its whore
Slapped around beaten and scarred for daring to breathe to strive
For freedom you see through the fa├žade I'm like a clear pool but dive

Full of desire too anxious to escape splashing into the open air
The exposure burns its flesh and it's battered back down
Meanness and horror dwell deep inside where now I've fallen
Unable to see the light above only praying one day to hear my calling

To rise above these demons that caress me so intimately
Fill me with dark love someone save me pull me from the sea
Again I will fly burst through the clouds but not tonight
Drown sink asphyxiate in this emotion and some day I live

Love Inscribed

Through seas of expired blood
The dimmest light reveals life
In the realm of dead shadows

By this night's fateful call
Through death's invitation
To a far away land

Love inscribed, engraved by heart
A terrible, bloody scar
In a dirty bathroom stall

Metal key with a ring
Will not unlock the pain
Love is the lock itself

Burning flesh on fingertips
The fire in my soul unleashed
Save the world from the terror

Stabbing pain like a key
Stabbing pain like this hate
Pierce flesh and soul alike

Drink all the blood on their hands
Let another day be done
I'm the love-inscribed one

A Ruse A Muse

These lines bleed, those words screed
Even looking inside blind, each line a bind
Engine of Destruction, Goddess of Corruption
Power with no handle, burning the brightest candle
Fading to a wraith, in need of a grain of faith
A complete smash-up, a thousandth mash-up
A thousand steps down, a completely soaked crown
Just disappear, please reappear
One thing led to another, find cover
Prayers for transduction, proclivity for induction
Five lessons learned, all too concerned
A wreck scene photo op, encountered a suspected cop
Contortion is a hobby, contusions in the lobby
No desire out, two ways about
Half-empty boxes, devilish foxes
Contrived synthesis, matters of (co)incidence
Complete deconstruction, mystical production

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