Enough LaTeX for basic logic typesetting

I’m currently taking a (meta)logic class. There are assigned problem sets. A lot of people either don’t know how to type logical symbols or else cannot be bothered to fight with Word. I’m a fan of LaTeX. I like it for several reasons, one of them being easy use of logical symbols. There are a lot of guides to using LaTeX. To my knowledge, none … Continue reading Enough LaTeX for basic logic typesetting

The Most Obnoxious Argument

I see this argument far too often, usually in a limited quantity of forms, but across a wide variety of topics. The argument goes: S entails x. x is good/bad. Therefore S is good/bad. S entails y. Therefore y is good/bad. The word “entails” might be better swapped out for “includes” or some other verb depending on what S is. Usually the work is done with a sneaky shift in what’s meant … Continue reading The Most Obnoxious Argument