So tired
Drearily falling
Mind corroding
My mind is tangled
My thoughts destroyed
No reason on the web
What has happened?
So far away–
all life is
Nothing seems real
Nothing seems right
Fall asleep, I just might
Days spent in stress
Nights with unrest
I only go on in jest
Eyes cracked red
Muscles fallen slack
When I get energy back?
Give me a chance
Give it a rest
I have nothing left to vest
One more hour
One more pain
Rest in vain


“You wanted better, now I’m better, better than ever/
So now I bet you want the wow, to go back and unsever”

You wanted better, now I’m better, better than ever
So now I bet you want the wow, to go back and unsever
the connection you cut, you never saw how, but you cut me
just right to free me from that side prone to dereliction for now I see
that me, only me, can really free me from me, from the pain
that i so lovingly, painfully embraced thinking I had something to gain.
Now I see so clearly, I see myself in a whole new mirror.
So, thank you, the knife in my heart let me see much clearer
that I’m too perfect for someone like you. That’s right,
every night in your dreams you might fight for us to reignite
but come the liht and you’re left alone, far from glory.
I already know your words are meaningless, so don’t bothersaying sorry.
Your own good would have you walk away, crawl back into your hole.
Fire this hot should be appreciated but it will incinerate your soul.
You’ll never be whole because there were never enough pieces
to your half of a spirit, you half of a human.