“You wanted better, now I’m better, better than ever/
So now I bet you want the wow, to go back and unsever”

You wanted better, now I’m better, better than ever
So now I bet you want the wow, to go back and unsever
the connection you cut, you never saw how, but you cut me
just right to free me from that side prone to dereliction for now I see
that me, only me, can really free me from me, from the pain
that i so lovingly, painfully embraced thinking I had something to gain.
Now I see so clearly, I see myself in a whole new mirror.
So, thank you, the knife in my heart let me see much clearer
that I’m too perfect for someone like you. That’s right,
every night in your dreams you might fight for us to reignite
but come the liht and you’re left alone, far from glory.
I already know your words are meaningless, so don’t bothersaying sorry.
Your own good would have you walk away, crawl back into your hole.
Fire this hot should be appreciated but it will incinerate your soul.
You’ll never be whole because there were never enough pieces
to your half of a spirit, you half of a human.

The Suicide Aesthetic

And a crash and a dash and a lash and a slash
Burning through all the loves (lives) I'd love to smash
And a line and a crime and a scream and a shake
Raise your glasses to all of the ashes

Put you in front of a fancy dress and you glow
And I don't need your romance because I only want your adoration
But you taught me how to hate with all of your love
I almost forgot you in this song; I guess that proves I grow

You know I'm always there whenever you feel low
And I don't need your faithlessness because I found the way within myself
So you can trash my name all you want but it's stronger than you
Weather's getting colder and I can't see you (thought I saw you) in the snow

You come and you go and you cum and you go
And I don't need your fucking God because I am a fuck-God
But honey, let me tell you, your head's been fucked enough
And I've already got something to show

Your wrists are awfully good at hiding the scars below
And I don't need your dark ambitions becuase I already swallowed Hades
And dear, we can only dance in the moonlight until sunrise
Yet I'm pretty sure that's a line you already know