Month Three

And everything fades and keeps fading and will keep fading and this never ends. It just sinks another level lower. Just another bruise I find in the morning that Heaven doesn’t know where it came from because there’s no light left. There’s an unending darkness confronting me at every sign of a return. This is only month three and it’s only getting worse and I … Continue reading Month Three

The World Cannot Stay Big

The world was so wide, so great, and so realyou could reach right out and touch it. You couldfeel rain, taste sweet, admire the greatness.Perhaps all good things must fall intooblivion. Annihilationforever inevitable, sotake one shot so the world gets a bit smaller. Take one more as dreamsbecome the better half oflife. So small becomes the world.Walls close in. The ends ofthe Earth come into … Continue reading The World Cannot Stay Big