I’ve fallen deep and down spiralling out of controlNo longer can I defend the mind the morals my home my landYour sweet infection has claimed my mind my soul and thrown itInto chaos disconnected from all reality and for this world a misfitBut a misfit’s just what I was I am I want forI want little more than to escape slavery to the world its … Continue reading Drowning

Night Train

On this night I hear again an engine’s rumble in the distance.A whistle shatters the silence, calling me to behold.I go out to watch the boxcars,the logos, the graffiti, the locomotion.As I nearer the train, the trembling of the wheelsagainst metal becoming deafening,as it comes around the bend, light shatters the darkness.The track is revealed, but my eyes are blinded.The track seems to stretchendlessly into … Continue reading Night Train

The World Cannot Stay Big

The world was so wide, so great, and so realyou could reach right out and touch it. You couldfeel rain, taste sweet, admire the greatness.Perhaps all good things must fall intooblivion. Annihilationforever inevitable, sotake one shot so the world gets a bit smaller. Take one more as dreamsbecome the better half oflife. So small becomes the world.Walls close in. The ends ofthe Earth come into … Continue reading The World Cannot Stay Big