Night Train

On this night I hear again an engine’s rumble in the distance.
A whistle shatters the silence, calling me to behold.
I go out to watch the boxcars,
the logos, the graffiti, the locomotion.
As I nearer the train, the trembling of the wheels
against metal becoming deafening,
as it comes around the bend, light shatters the darkness.
The track is revealed, but my eyes are blinded.
The track seems to stretch
endlessly into the distance, the train
so far away.
So I step onto the track and stare into
the light,
and it shatters me.

to die

to die
it seems
is okay
just close
your eyes
with me
hold hands
and dive
into abyss
drink wine
pass out
fade away
no pain
no suffering
just drift
the wind
it carries
all dust
to dust
all ashes
to ashes
all lights
must fade
all lives
must wane
just give
you’re all
you need
to die