Opening Lines

I’m beyond good and evil
So be careful what you feel
You might identify with the Devil
Find your conscience insincere

Stomp your feet up on the stage
Dance faster than the flames
Bring in the new age
Crash with aesthetic waves

Analyze my words however you’ll fit
The most important line is your life
I love the light too much to quit
Someone;s always married to their strife

Every wreck on the ocean floor
Spun out on the the side of the road
Do you ever feel you could soar?
From the sky, here’s my show

Lines forged in the sun
Intense pressure is how I fly
Nuclear fusion is so much fun
Burning bright across the sky

Pain, gain, part of the game
Play with me, girl
No day is quite the same
Let’s give this one a whirl

Life wrapped in plastic ain’t half-bad
Plus I get to live forever
That just made someone here mad
They hate that I’m so clever

What do you feel?
Let my pretty face be your avatar
Take a walk in my mind
Get lost


Come now, and take my hand
I want to dance with cand-
or and rigor,
so much splendor.
We'll spin the night away
For joy is here to stay
Let the stars inspire us
Light the fire within

Now spin, spin, step, and spin
Let all of your troubles sweat away
And let your hands find their
way onto my shoulders and then my hips
Then let your face make its way to my lips.

I can feel your trepidation --- your heart is
beating through your shirt. But if you fall
There's nothing to miss. We'll wake up again
and the sun will shine again.


Dance with me in the rain so we can
forget our pain for today and
we’ll let the deluge pay our tribute
to the dark forces that compell us
to mark our broken selves in the
dark of night or maybe just in a dim
secluded room hiding from the light
so no one can see our doom impending
before us by our own hands covered
in sins of lust after dark desires and
fruits of hellfire forged in a furnace of
pain and fear of a world’s evil that
shan’t wain and descending into
an abyss free from pain forevermore