Cherry Vodka

Sweet cherry vodka I cannot rid myself of theeEverytime I get away I crawl back to you in agonyI just need one more drink, another sip tonightAnd then I promise I can go make things rightFrom childhood I learned to love your sweet embraceI thought one day I’d leave you but I fear that’s not the caseSo pour me another glass, dear, you’ve always been … Continue reading Cherry Vodka

Love Inscribed

Through seas of expired bloodThe dimmest light reveals lifeIn the realm of dead shadowsBy this night’s fateful callThrough death’s invitationTo a far away landLove inscribed, engraved by heartA terrible, bloody scarIn a dirty bathroom stallMetal key with a ringWill not unlock the painLove is the lock itselfBurning flesh on fingertipsThe fire in my soul unleashedSave the world from the terrorStabbing pain like a keyStabbing pain … Continue reading Love Inscribed

A Ruse, A Muse

These lines bleed, those words screedEven looking inside blind, each line a bindEngine of Destruction, Goddess of CorruptionPower with no handle, burning the brightest candleFading to a wraith, in need of a grain of faithA complete smash-up, a thousandth mash-upA thousand steps down, a completely soaked crownJust disappear, please reappearOne thing led to another, find coverPrayers for transduction, proclivity for inductionFive lessons learned, all too … Continue reading A Ruse, A Muse