Cherry Vodka

Sweet cherry vodka I cannot rid myself of thee
Everytime I get away I crawl back to you in agony
I just need one more drink, another sip tonight
And then I promise I can go make things right

From childhood I learned to love your sweet embrace
I thought one day I’d leave you but I fear that’s not the case
So pour me another glass, dear, you’ve always been so faithful
Everyone else deceived me, how could I have been so hateful?

Kiss me again, no, fuck me against the wall
Let me feel your sweet lips caress my body, doll
Honey, I want to feel you deep inside me
Yes, of course I will get on my knees

Love Inscribed

Through seas of expired blood
The dimmest light reveals life
In the realm of dead shadows

By this night's fateful call
Through death's invitation
To a far away land

Love inscribed, engraved by heart
A terrible, bloody scar
In a dirty bathroom stall

Metal key with a ring
Will not unlock the pain
Love is the lock itself

Burning flesh on fingertips
The fire in my soul unleashed
Save the world from the terror

Stabbing pain like a key
Stabbing pain like this hate
Pierce flesh and soul alike

Drink all the blood on their hands
Let another day be done
I'm the love-inscribed one

A Ruse, A Muse

These lines bleed, those words screed
Even looking inside blind, each line a bind
Engine of Destruction, Goddess of Corruption
Power with no handle, burning the brightest candle
Fading to a wraith, in need of a grain of faith
A complete smash-up, a thousandth mash-up
A thousand steps down, a completely soaked crown
Just disappear, please reappear
One thing led to another, find cover
Prayers for transduction, proclivity for induction
Five lessons learned, all too concerned
A wreck scene photo op, encountered a suspected cop
Contortion is a hobby, contusions in the lobby
No desire out, two ways about
Half-empty boxes, devilish foxes
Contrived synthesis, matters of (co)incidence
Complete deconstruction, mystical production