Season 26: January 2020-March 2020


I almost bought this, but then decided that being thirty dollars closer to financial independence was more important.
These were supposed to be large enough to cover the floor.
by Addison Morse, stickers on canvas
I didn’t buy the hat.
I needed better housemates.
January 2020 was a good month for selfies.
There’s so many angles to try to approach DID from.
Nyomi did my makeup!


Back into art.
Lots of figuring out how to write about DID.
Yes, by Nichi Yes, 2020, Marker on Paper
The beginning of things changing.
We played a lot of Pokemon Stadium.
Jade, Addison, Allison, and Anthony
Matthew got into graduate school so we went out to celebrate. He chose Olive Garden.
My whole diet centered on getting as much energy in as quickly as possible.
Honestly, I was a bit of a mess leading up to and during this party. Life was stressful already, and trying to prepare a messy house for a party with limited assistance turned up the heat. I slept maybe eight hours in all that week, and it took me about an hour and a half of the party itself to realize that I should stop cleaning. Still, everyone seemed to have a good time.


March ended up being the last month for Christina and I. They moved out on rather short notice without explanation.
I was initially worried for them, but another friend mentioned that they’re fine.
This is my understanding of civil engineering.
The last photograph I took in my office before the lockdown.
Who the fuck needs two eyebrows anyway?
I can just paint something there instead.
Things were going downhill, and I think you can see the unwellness.
I had fun being 24.
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