Season 22: October 2018-December 2018



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“I don’t eat meat. But I do wish something would die for my food.”
“I’m not paid to teach them punctuality. I’m paid to teach them philosophy. Very different things. Philosophers are not punctual.”
“Are they [Arkansasns] conscious yet, as a people?”
“I realized when making the list of world leaders that the bad are more memorable than the good.”
“One true mereology: van Inwagen’s organicism, except there are no bees, only particles arranged bee-wise.”
“I’m a realist, but an anti-realist about realism.”
“New position: Strong AI is impossible because any AI sufficiently intelligent to be strong will just kill itself.”
“People think my name looks like “Nietzsche”.
I find this fact odd, but appreciable.”
“maybe the picture is a little more complicated than “serotonin tank is low”.”
“Nonetheless, the point of these thought experiments as skeptical hypotheses is that they are not realistic. The Matrix qualifies as science fiction because of the simulation involved rather than just the cybergoth outfits.”
“Some cartoons make use of a (rather literal) cartoon version of substance dualism.”
“Plan A: Vote
Plan B: Vore”
“If you can’t beat them, eat them.”

Nichi, November 2018


I finished the year playing guitar. I got some good last use out of the Kay before lending it to Conner.
I have to revisit AJ’s as many times as possible anytime I’m in the area.
I’ve only seen Lis’s living room a few times in its current state.
Last picture of the living room in its old state.
Candace, Roger, and I played Scrabble.
Time for a selfie update.
Some post-relationship thoughts.
I got Ted, Candace, and Lix together to play Jackbox.
Carly and I <3
Carly needed office supplies.
I don’t get to wear this heavy coat much in CA.
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Last time I saw Jess, we played Ticket to Ride. :)
This jacket has a certain level of attitude.
I actually managed to read on a plane for once!
Pierre is a great philosopher and I’m glad I got to work with him. Here’s a meme.
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