Season 20: October 2017-February 2018


Actual first month of graduate school. Fun times. I ended up reading even more than I did in the summer.

“I think you have to cite ee cummings to use this much punctuation in a sentence.” (In a comment I made on something one of my friends wrote.)
“Fun fact: Superpowers violate the laws of nature. That’s what makes them super.”
“Pretty good Columbus day. Broke into six houses, killed five families, and discovered $32,000 of stuff.”

Nichi, October 2017


More reading and writing. Really, these months aren’t all that different from one another. I believe it was this month I was told my Kant-Berkeley paper had no real page limit, and I could likely revise it into an MA thesis. Neato. I then spent more time on it than anything else. On the bright side, I get the feeling I’m starting to at least have an idea of the overall discussion on the matter. And, somewhat less so, the metaphysics and epistemology of the two.

“I’m large, but not three-room large.”
“You know what makes going to a seminar and working on a paper even better?
I’m not sure, but apparently we can cross migraines off the list of possibilities.”
“Maybe don’t choose enjoyment of genocide.”
“Working clocks are always changing. At least once per minute.”
“Me on value: Nothing matters.
Me on metaphysics: There is no matter.
There’s a pun waiting to happen in there somewhere.” 

Nichi, November 2017


I didn’t really take pictures in December. I am noticeably thinner than I was several months before. (None of my pants fitting anymore kinda gave it away, but looking through pictures from the entire year really drove home how much thinner I’ve become. Odd.)

I finished the quarter and became quite ill. My cough was bad enough that while I’m better now, my voice is still recovering. I watched the entirety of Californication. Good show.

Quote: A rather attention-grabbing phrasing of my ideas that, one, we’re not guided by reason, and, two, reason can only be a ground for value if you start from reason in the first place.

“by reading Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, you experience doom” (I got an A on this paper, btw.)
“Forgoing the community for small family units is just another tentacle of the rampant individualism.”

Nichi, December 2017


I made wine.


The start of February shook things up. I made several new friends in a renewed effort to do such a thing. I also dug my heels even deeper into metaphysics. Also texting Jess was probably half of the month. *And* I made the Kicking Life’s Ass playlist. To go with the daily workout routine I started.

“I remember this, but it remains hilarious.”
“Nah man, I decided to not drink anymore. It was costing too much energy that I could been using for metaphysics.”
“After several attempts of doing what I thought I was supposed to and failing, I tried self-indulgent rambling for a dozen pages.”
“WinRAR has been in bondage for too long. The time has come to liberate it.”
“There is a very noticeable inverse relation between effort and goodness. I.e. the stuff I half-ass while half-conscious is good. The stuff I put serious time and effort into is not good.”
“Clearly we have abused our freedom from 8.3 and must return.”
“Dares: an important element of any philosophical discourse” 

Nichi, February 2018
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