Doubly-Loaded Positions

Some positions are what I call “doubly-loaded”. Consider for example: A communist revolution would bring about good results. While it appears as a single assertion, there are two distinct ways one could disagree with this position. We can disagree on the facts of the matter of what exactly the results of a communist revolution would be, independent of our evaluation of them; and we can … Continue reading Doubly-Loaded Positions

Season 4: The Land of Broken Dreams

2006-08 to 2009-08 Main Characters: +Soren +Eugene +Jacqui -Tyler Side Characters: +Tess Plot 2006-08: Join Builder’s Club, Band, Drama Club, & Tech Committee 2007-12-10: Go in for third eye surgery Images August 2006 September 2006 Oct Jan 2007 Feb Mar Apr July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan 2008 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep 2008 Oct Nov Dec Jan 2009 Feb Mar … Continue reading Season 4: The Land of Broken Dreams