Nichi 2020



I spent most of July with Ross. Good month.
The quarantine continued. We went to Wal-Mart. That was kinda exciting. Nobody understood the arrows.


Lix visited.
That time an ex-housemate tried to break in and landed a few scratches on me.


It’s hard to find good pictures for these months.
Old poem, new design.
Canva is a much nicer tool for this than Illustrator.
Someone tore the flamingoes out of our yard. End of an era.
Reading outdoors. For the variety.
This time we made rules for the house from the start.
Sin Zone 2020-05-15
Everything must change.


SnapChat had interesting filters.
Actually me.


This is my understanding of civil engineering.
Who the fuck needs two eyebrows anyway?
I can just paint something there instead.


Back into art.
Lots of figuring out how to write about DID.
The beginning of things changing.
We played a lot of Pokemon Stadium.
My whole diet centered on getting as much energy in as quickly as possible.


I didn’t buy the hat.
I needed better housemates.
January 2020 was a good month for selfies.
There’s so many angles to try to approach DID from.
Nyomi did my makeup!