Nichi 2019

Each month proceeds in reverse chronological order. So if you read this page forwards, you will tumble backwards down my memory lane.


The last picture of me in 2019. This was the longest year of my life so far.
December, as usual, was holiday themed.
I got to see Nick a lot this fall.
Addison’s painting studio/parents’ garage
Happy and pained


from Communist Jerusalem’s Annotated Bible
A greater compilation of 2019.
The three lower pieces were made by me.
The Aquabats!


Working the Healthy Campus Fair :D
Cute how I thought this was late.
2019-10-05 I was so lost
At the Bernie Sanders Riverside Campaign HQ
I wrote on the fridge!
Nick and I acquired a couch.
This gave me an idea.
I made a sign!
I don’t even know. UCR is just beautiful to me.


My hair has radical freedom.
We tried laying out the party. A miniparty formed in the front yard because we ran out of space.
This salty individual put a nail in Christina’s tire for parking on the street, at night, next to all the other cars parked on the street. Sorry nobody invites you to parties, dude. Maybe it’s because you’re too busy being bitter to make friends.
We dealt with the tire problem, at least.
J got engaged. :)
I was too tired to continue being social, so I found a book at J’s parents’ place.
Christian took a pic of a palm dude.


Is this a barbershop or a phone store?
To be exceedingly clear, this is in line with a sort of humor and rhetorical style I like to use, involving positioning myself far in the opposite direction of my interlocutor or source material as I actually am. So here’s me playing to the far right of conservatives, invoking a leftward response.
House essentials.
I interpreted this as me learning to relax enough to perceive without judgement.
My hand after my first turn.
I didn’t even drink at this point.
The library.
Turned in the final month of rent in person through the mail slot.
The picture of me Instagram can’t handle.



The gimmick here is that these are actually the symptoms of personality disorders.


Another design of Infatuation



Joseph and I
That is indeed my kind of energy.