I earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Valparaiso University with a major in Mathematics in 2017.

I’ve taken upper level work in logic, combinatorics, algebra, analysis, number theory, experimental mathematics, topology, graph theory, and knot theory.

In summer 2016, I did work on integer partitions with Prof. Brandt Kronholm at SUNY Potsdam. You can see slides from a presentation here: Log_Concavity_of_Restricted_Integer_Partitions:_The_Game. Most of the calculations can be done with these Maple programs: Calculator, ErhardtLog ConcavityMod, and Quasi. These programs I wrote allow you to do a wide variety o

In winter 2017, I presented What Are Numbers? to the Mathematics Colloquium at Valparaiso University, sharing my exploration into the nature of what numbers are.