• Masters of Arts in Philosophy from University of California, Riverside, 2019

Graduate Seminars Taken:


I received my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Philosophy from Valparaiso University, 2017, Summa cum Laude.

I started as a Social Work and Math major. In addition to classes, I got to experience being a camp counselor and lobbying to the state legislature. Then I switched to Digital Media. I was a part of WVUR-FM for four years, but I branched out to other media during this time. Public communication and graphic design both turned out to be immensely useful classes ever since. Finally I switched to Philosophy. Kept the Math major the whole time, though. I needed it for the emotional stability. I also was a Christ College Associate, basically a Humanities minor with an intensive freshman writing program that made every other class’s writing easy until upper division philosophy. I chose a blend of Christianity and philosophy for my Humanities seminars.

  • REU in Integer Partition Theory, Summer 2016
  • SAMSI Workshop in Computational Neuroscience, 2015