I Won Runner-Up In A Costume Contest As Myself

I’m beyond good and evil So be careful what you feel You might identify with the Devil Find your conscience insincere Stomp your feet up on the stage Dance faster than the flames Bring in the new age Crash with aesthetic waves Analyze my words however you fit The most important line is your life Someone’s always married to their strife Every wreck on the … Continue reading I Won Runner-Up In A Costume Contest As Myself


Gazing at the starsEach one a lightShining for yearsGoing down with a bangUnnoticing the dark skyFreckled with starsAll ensuing mysteryForever—Forever–ForeverAbsorbing the night skyDark and light/Mystery and guidanceOur lives not evenThe sky leads us at nightStaring at the SunBurning retinas to see the lightOur life source, so minusculeAnd we all don’t careLooking at the cloudsDark or light—always grayThe shapes blocking the SunBut giving us water Ignoring … Continue reading Sky

What a Gift

Locked inside this facilityDesigned to produce clean mindsBinded in by laws to betterImprisoned for good functioningIt’s a world of sufferingThose who succeed are miserableThose who are happy fail miserablyThey claim it’s a giftA gift we need and can’t refuseIt’s a prison and a cultWhy we need it I don’t knowWait I do—to be a good cogThey own us—they control usFrom the start they claim their … Continue reading What a Gift


So tired Drearily falling Mind corroding My mind is tangled My thoughts destroyed No reason on the web What has happened? So far away– all life is Nothing seems real Nothing seems right Fall asleep, I just might Days spent in stress Nights with unrest I only go on in jest Eyes cracked red Muscles fallen slack When I get energy back? Give me a … Continue reading Tired

Together Universe

We’ll fight through anythingWe’ll survive through everythingWith the power of the universePulling us togetherNo way out, let’s save the worldI hear a distant stormLet’s bring the warmIt’s freakin’ coldAs the war grows oldFights for lightWith swords and armour shining brightWe have no fear in our heartsWe will always be forgottenComrades of the everlasting lightTo fight the evil one(s)Time to take the chanceCharge in the battlefieldGive … Continue reading Together Universe

Twilight War

They fight for pettyNo reasons worth warThey kill each otherBut what for?Blood is shed across the globeAs they kill their fellow manFor their own greedBodies lie scatteredBlood painting the sceneSevered heads rolling aroundDestruction of humanity–But why accept this madness?For wealth and power–they take all livesTheir greed and feed killsA vampire sucking the blood of all mankindThe sun sets on a burning battlefieldOverlooking the pathetic wastelandNobody … Continue reading Twilight War