The UCR Student Conduct Saga

The Student Conduct Office at UCR has a fairly terrible reputation already, but I would like to make available for everyone the exact details of their abuse in my case. We begin with an email from Kyle McStay on August 5, subject line “Student Conduct – Notice of Interim Suspension”. Below is the text of the email: “August 05, 2021 Nichi Yes1181 Minerva Ct.Riverside, California 92507 STUDENT ID … Continue reading The UCR Student Conduct Saga

Tips for Intro to Philosophy Students

I sent these tips to my section students, but I think they apply pretty generally. The readings and lectures give you a great opportunity to take in new ideas. The discussion sections and writing assignments give you the opportunity to try out your ideas. Often, ideas turn out to be harder than expected to put into words. That’s fine. A lot of what we’re doing … Continue reading Tips for Intro to Philosophy Students

Don’t Assume Students Don’t Read

One day when I was grading reading responses, I thought over half the class didn’t read. We’re near the end of the term, and this seems to be a common assumption among people in instructional roles in universities anyhow. But, to avoid throwing out accusations without sufficient evidence, I acted instead on the assumption that a lot of students just didn’t understand the reading. Turns … Continue reading Don’t Assume Students Don’t Read

Social studies

Seems like at some level (high school seems ideal, and also some kind of continuing ed) we should have classes that teach people how to navigate various social spheres and institutions.   I can tell a lot of people coming into college are pretty disoriented navigating academia. Plenty of us inside get disoriented with some more public places. How to interact with hospitals, banks, etc. … Continue reading Social studies