Most of my work is in philosophy. My interests lie primarily in questions about being, agency, modality, and time. I think the four are connected to each other, and adequately answering to one requires pulling in the others. My working hypothesis is that there’s an important sense in which answering what is possible is answering what can be brought about by agents. What can be brought about is a temporally oriented question. The being of agents and the what that can be brought about is tied in here.

I’m also interested in the history of philosophy, with particular interest in the work of Berkeley, Kant, Sartre, and Wittgenstein. I think many thinkers who aren’t alive anymore gave interesting answers to the questions I’m interested in, so I try to see them through. I’m also generally interested in the development of idealism, beginning with Berkeley, probably, and weaving through major movements like German and British Idealism, but also reemergence in less clearly metaphysical or idealist projects such as phenomenalism and the work of Wittgenstein and Sartre.

Outside of philosophy, I try to write interesting fiction and poetry. Most of my fiction is either clearly at home in the thriller genre or else self-indulgent post-modern musing. My poetry is an ode to form.


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