WAPLT? Trait Domain and Spectra Variant Tables

This post is two quite handy tables Millon includes in his 2011 book that are worth sharing. Together they provide an overview of the information the individual personality spectra posts cover.

(Millon 2011 281)

The second column lists the spectra, with the first several letters or an abbreviation of the third personality included for ease of reading. The top row lists the trait domains. The middle cells indicate all of the trait domain characteristics associated with each personality spectrum. This table provides an overview of all of the the trait domain characteristics.

(Millon 2011 282)

Each cell in the middle column lists the three personalities in the spectrum. Then in the right column, aligned with each personality in the center are two variants of that personality. These variants are further explored in the posts on the individual spectra. Do note that the top of the right column says “Common Variants”, which is not “All Variants”.

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