Campus Safety Task Force Fall 2020 Town Hall

The chat:

00:35:05 Christine Victorino (she/her): Panelists turn off video for now
00:38:42 George Ruelas:
00:39:12 Nichi Yes: Can chat be turned on for attendees?
00:42:41 Brianna Simmons: I would like to comment after introduction
00:48:56 Nichi Yes: Graduate students generally support Brianna Simmons’s positions.
00:49:24 Christine Victorino (she/her): Thank you, Brianna and Nichi.
01:09:23 Nichi Yes: The GSA Committee on Campus Safety will be meeting to compile resources for the construction of this better alternative.
01:11:44 George Ruelas: The link to the report Beth recently mentioned –
01:19:07 Christine Victorino (she/her): Megan, Can you capture the information submitted via Q&A
01:19:35 George Ruelas: the q&a info is in a report I can pull afterwards
01:37:03 George Ruelas:
01:37:06 George Ruelas:

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