Philosophy 2021-03-18 Text

My interest in Philosophy is outlined generally in the below outline.

  • Ethics
    • Self
    • Social
      • Interpersonal
      • Care
      • Race
      • Ability
      • Sex
      • Wealth
    • Psychiatry
    • Political
      • International Affairs
      • Cooperativism
  • Psychology
    • Dissociativee Identity Disorder
    • Trauma
    • Dimensionality
    • Personality
    • Diversity
  • The Grim
    • Evil
    • Death
    • Struggle

Generally, the topics I am interested in studying philosophically include DID, psychology, medicine, psychiatry, gender, race, and philosophy itself. On each of these matters, I am primarily concerned with the ethics involved, though the metaphysical and epistemic aspects often need articulation to make the ethical comprehensible.

I divide Philosophy into aspects. An aspect is the category containing ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. On a topic, ethics regards what we ought to do. As I consider this tripartition, I realize it makes little sense. Let us begin again, stepping back to capture first the full domain Philosophy finds itself in.

We begin with experience as a primary input. That is, we come to inquiry already experiencing. To be clear, I do not mean sense-perception, but rather the complex totality one is constantly faced with. Also, in our inquiry we also presuppose communication. That is, this activity only makes sense inasmuch as information can be transmitted from one individual to another. What these individuals are remains open thus far. However, I take it that my audience is (primarily) human individuals. The task, now, is not one of dividing just all inquiry, but the communication thereof.

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