Double Twenty Vision

I’m a preacher sweating in the pew for the salvation I’m bringing you

I hope the roof flies and we all fly out into space

I always make such expensive mistakes

I never really feel a thing

I got too many memories getting in the way of me

I was just an only child of the universe and then

I found you.

I won’t be another empty skull, no

I will give you something beautiful

I’m just a waste of your time, maybe I’m better off dead.

I don’t need it but I’ll take what I want from your heart

I can do anything

I’m a champion.

I’m just trying to find a better way

I’m a disappointment

I’m really ironically pissed off right now

I’m feeling quite lost right

I don’t have my own attention

I did it cos I want it and I did it just because I can

I went to a wishing well,

I sank to the ocean floor, cut on the sharpened rocks,

I washed up along the shore

I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand

I don’t care how much you’ll invest yourself in me, we’re not working out

I’d get on my knees, confess my love

I see the good in the bad and the ugly

I break down in LA

I always said you’re the one for me

I never really knew that I could be so naive

I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me

I don’t have time for you all

I kinda think that we won’t get better

I’ll put out the spark you ignited, try to clear the shit in my head

I can work a miracle

I’m a sick individual and I’m doing this thing called whatever I want

I can dance to anything you wanna sing

I’m gonna die with my boots on

I’m gonna need a boost

I am the fire

I wasn’t born with the rich blood

I started out with plenty of nothing at all

I got stuck in the thick mud, flash flood, punk rock, and the alcohol

I was bored to death so I started a band

I’m the ink and you’re the headline

I’ve been lost since 1999.

I have a right to be heard, to be seen, to be loved, to be free, to be everything

I need to be me, to be safe, to be free

I’m gonna teach you how we’re all alone

I don’t give in

I won’t give up

I fell in love by the side of the road, this desert will break you down

I knew you’ve had choices to make, but I’m with you

I’m coming apart at the seams, pitching myself the lead in other people’s dreams

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