How to start a university?

I’ve been reading about the history of the UC, and I’m thinking maybe I should start my own University. Given the relatively free enterprise system we have, for some “we” that includes an indeed quite privilleged me, I should start an organization of people and resources — humans, personalities, knowledges, capital, and so on — to benefit others, rather than try to make good of what is fundamentally aimed at evil.

This would have many requirements, so I’ll just start describing them. Where to start, though? Well, let’s start with what we have: me, a Nichi. I have a lot of knowledge, expertise, etc., and can be a ridiculously valueable resource to students, so I hope I can attract some money, which I conceive of as potential economic energy, i.e. I can offer to share my skills with people in exchange for abstract credits that indicate I am to have a say over some financially defined amount of economic work in the future. Put even more simply, I have a lot of talents and people will give me money to teach them, so I can do that to get some starting money. But a university is not a solipsistic endeavor — my primary aim is to find community.

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