UCRGSA 2020 nichi’s campaign pitch

Bio: Nichi is a Ph.D. student in the philosophy department where she researches the philosophy of psychology. Prior to this, she earned a B.S. in mathematics and did research in combinatorics, number theory, and topology, programmed for an NSF-funded math education web application, directed WVUR-FM, and founded several charitable organizations. Most of her attention is directed at learning to understand more perspectives and acting prosocially. More information is available at nichiyes.com.

Pitch: I want to run for this position because I’m particularly well-equipped to lead in the circumstances facing UCR grad students in 2020. Many students are in need of help with housing, financial opportunity, and stability. Basic levels of safety and support still need to be reached particularly for many students with disabilities, students of color, international students, female students, and I want to make sure those needs are given the attention they deserve. I’ve been taking classes across the campus and learning about students from most departments, and I want to improve communication of the particulars of each department. Working with UCR administration and the local community, I see more room for cooperation than we’re doing. While we have the needs and problems I mentioned and more, we also do a lot of amazing work. My intention is to focus on how UCR grad students are valuable, how we are an asset to the university and community, to ease some of the conflict preventing us from cooperating towards our shared goals.

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