Together Universe

We’ll fight through anything
We’ll survive through everything
With the power of the universe
Pulling us together
No way out, let’s save the world
I hear a distant storm
Let’s bring the warm
It’s freakin’ cold
As the war grows old
Fights for light
With swords and armour shining bright
We have no fear in our hearts
We will always be forgotten
Comrades of the everlasting light
To fight the evil one(s)
Time to take the chance
Charge in the battlefield
Give me a lance, I’ll now dance
One shot to do it all
Inevitable inevitability
The Final War is here
Come with me as we ride
We’ll break the Twilight
The sun sets on the world for the last time
At sun up we’ll dawn over a new world
The fight was in the night
Fight through anything
With the power of the universe

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