Can you hear the thunder tremble?
Eyes surrender, wisdom falls from the sky
lain across the breast of the Earth.
A harrowing tale awaits of leviathan,
lunatic, and whale. You see it began
in River’s bed and the morning was late
so River ran across the town, her
pen fallen in bed. If only that night
she’d had a friend. For the afternoon
fell and still no later she tripped
and fell downhill into the riverbed.
A tidal wave fell from the obscured
moon, hidden by light. The orange
in the sky sliced like an orange
in the sky. The lunatic descended on her
infernal steed. Like a viper. Darting lizards
bombarding blacked baraccades. Bombing
themselves to save its soul from imposing
oceans. Delineate the two. Tonight
you must sacrifice sacrifice your
torniquet ad seize the night to foil
Day. River, rise now, bring down
Luna from her risen orb.

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