Gazing at the stars
Each one a light
Shining for years
Going down with a bang

Unnoticing the dark sky
Freckled with stars
All ensuing mystery

Absorbing the night sky
Dark and light/Mystery and guidance
Our lives not even
The sky leads us at night

Staring at the Sun
Burning retinas to see the light
Our life source, so minuscule
And we all don't care

Looking at the clouds
Dark or light—always gray
The shapes blocking the Sun
But giving us water

Ignoring the day sky
There for us always
Us there rarely
A common combination

Night sky and day sky
Warring for the right
Both ignored in their own way
Always there, always free

What a Gift

Locked inside this facility
Designed to produce clean minds
Binded in by laws to better
Imprisoned for good functioning

It's a world of suffering
Those who succeed are miserable
Those who are happy fail miserably

They claim it's a gift
A gift we need and can't refuse

It's a prison and a cult

Why we need it I don't know
Wait I do—to be a good cog

They own us—they control us
From the start they claim their power
Rules us for every hour

Fight for freedom be destroyed
Give in and be destroyed
Let your mind be destroyed
What a gift


So tired
Drearily falling
Mind corroding
My mind is tangled
My thoughts destroyed
No reason on the web
What has happened?
So far away–
all life is
Nothing seems real
Nothing seems right
Fall asleep, I just might
Days spent in stress
Nights with unrest
I only go on in jest
Eyes cracked red
Muscles fallen slack
When I get energy back?
Give me a chance
Give it a rest
I have nothing left to vest
One more hour
One more pain
Rest in vain

Together Universe

We’ll fight through anything
We’ll survive through everything
With the power of the universe
Pulling us together
No way out, let’s save the world
I hear a distant storm
Let’s bring the warm
It’s freakin’ cold
As the war grows old
Fights for light
With swords and armour shining bright
We have no fear in our hearts
We will always be forgotten
Comrades of the everlasting light
To fight the evil one(s)
Time to take the chance
Charge in the battlefield
Give me a lance, I’ll now dance
One shot to do it all
Inevitable inevitability
The Final War is here
Come with me as we ride
We’ll break the Twilight
The sun sets on the world for the last time
At sun up we’ll dawn over a new world
The fight was in the night
Fight through anything
With the power of the universe

Twilight War

They fight for petty
No reasons worth war
They kill each other
But what for?

Blood is shed across the globe
As they kill their fellow man
For their own greed

Bodies lie scattered
Blood painting the scene
Severed heads rolling around
Destruction of humanity--

But why accept this madness?
For wealth and power--
they take all lives

Their greed and feed kills
A vampire sucking the blood of all mankind
The sun sets on a burning battlefield
Overlooking the pathetic wasteland

Nobody can save them now
They kill for nothing
Taking lives in vain


Come now, and take my hand
I want to dance with cand-
or and rigor,
so much splendor.
We'll spin the night away
For joy is here to stay
Let the stars inspire us
Light the fire within

Now spin, spin, step, and spin
Let all of your troubles sweat away
And let your hands find their
way onto my shoulders and then my hips
Then let your face make its way to my lips.

I can feel your trepidation --- your heart is
beating through your shirt. But if you fall
There's nothing to miss. We'll wake up again
and the sun will shine again.