I've fallen deep and down spiralling out of control
No longer can I defend the mind the morals my home my land
Your sweet infection has claimed my mind my soul and thrown it
Into chaos disconnected from all reality and for this world a misfit

But a misfit's just what I was I am I want for
I want little more than to escape slavery to the world its whore
Slapped around beaten and scarred for daring to breathe to strive
For freedom you see through the façade I'm like a clear pool but dive

Full of desire too anxious to escape splashing into the open air
The exposure burns its flesh and it's battered back down
Meanness and horror dwell deep inside where now I've fallen
Unable to see the light above only praying one day to hear my calling

To rise above these demons that caress me so intimately
Fill me with dark love someone save me pull me from the sea
Again I will fly burst through the clouds but not tonight
Drown sink asphyxiate in this emotion and some day I live

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