A Ruse, A Muse

These lines bleed, those words screed
Even looking inside blind, each line a bind
Engine of Destruction, Goddess of Corruption
Power with no handle, burning the brightest candle
Fading to a wraith, in need of a grain of faith
A complete smash-up, a thousandth mash-up
A thousand steps down, a completely soaked crown
Just disappear, please reappear
One thing led to another, find cover
Prayers for transduction, proclivity for induction
Five lessons learned, all too concerned
A wreck scene photo op, encountered a suspected cop
Contortion is a hobby, contusions in the lobby
No desire out, two ways about
Half-empty boxes, devilish foxes
Contrived synthesis, matters of (co)incidence
Complete deconstruction, mystical production

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