Quotes, 2018 Edition, Volume R

Richard Ramirez
“Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times.”

Drake Redcrest (Chibi-Robo)
“Space Hunter Code, part two: True justice cannot exist without a pose!”
“As your friend it is my duty to inform you that your life needs more justice!”

Jeremy Reeves
“It’s called ‘Lost and Found’ not ‘Just Take Shit’.”

Thomas Reid
“Protestants complain, with justice, of the hardship put upon them by Roman Catholics, in requiring them to prove that bread and wine is not flesh and blood.” (Essays on the Active Powers of Man, Essay 1 Chapter 2)

Brian Reynolds
“That’s indeed a principle I regularly use (and espouse), but the original credit for it goes to none other than the illustrious Sid Meier. I often tell the story of how he took me aside as a young designer (when he caught me repeatedly changing something by 10%, I’m sure) back in the early 90s when we were working on Colonization, and it’s probably through the retelling of the story that it got associated with me. The point of the rule is to change something so that you can actually feel the difference right away. That gives you a much clearer idea of the workings of the variable you are changing, and saves you getting lost in the weeds wondering if you have even had an effect (or worse, seeing a change where none has really been accomplished, perhaps because of an unusual series of random numbers).”

“I try and leave ad block off for sites that I like and white list those that I visit, but sometimes they just go too far. I love Ars Technica and Rock Paper Shotgun for instances, but for fucks sake, their massive and distracting ads are just too god damn much. I am willing to help support sites that I like, but not to the point where the site becomes useless.
The only thing worse than obnoxious ads are site that autoplay video. The absolute worst is fucking CNN. Not only does it autoplay a video when you click on fucking text story, but the fucking video chases you! I am clearly trying to read the fucking words, do you know how hard it is to read the words when there is a video chasing you and making a bunch of god damn noise?
It is insane. I can’t use the Internet without an ad blocker and flash blocker. There are porn sites that are less obnoxious with their ads than some main stream sites. People say that if we all ad block all of those sites are going to die and you know what… fuck it. I don’t care. I would rather go back to an unprofessional web. I would rather the web be armature hour with only people putting up stuff because they want to an accepting a small loss, than have “professional” sites that are impossible to visit because they assault you with ads so bad you can’t read the fucking content.
Seriously, I am done. Ad block for everything. Sites that I visit regularly get white listed, but they go right the fuck back on the black list if they assault my face with obnoxious moving ads. If this breaks the Internet, fine. I don’t care. I would rather a “broken” amateur web like the old days than the abominations of moving and obnoxious websites that we have now. Burn the fucking village to save the people.”

“I’m a trained social worker after thinking I could be useful after my own drink problems – turns out social workers are hopeless twats and made me want to pass the vodka to my clients inbetween bemoaning the world together. My philosophy nowadays is firmly that people help themselves if they want to or are best left to their own devices with a beer.”

Mister Rogers
“I got into television because I hated it so. And I thought there was some way of using this fabulous instrument to be of nurture to those who would watch and listen.”

John R—
“If the internet is your oyster, then Perl would be a good choice”
“We should all be like bras and support breasts when given the opportunity.”
“The “One” on the back of the one-dollar note is actually a tribute to the first music video ever released by Metallica…”

“The first man who enclosed a piece of land and said to himself, This is mine, was the real founder of civil society. What crimes, wars, murders, miseries and horrors would humanity have been spared if someone had pulled up the stakes, filled in the ditch and cried out, Do not listen to this impostor!”

Justice Royce
“There is one further matter of concern. One of the passwords you chose, which
needed the assistance of GCHQ to break was I FUK KIDZ.”

Rude One
“Trump voters fucked the goat, and so everything they say should be framed within the fact that they are goatfuckers. “Oh, you have an opinion on health care? Sorry, you fucked a goat. I don’t give a shit about your goat-fucking opinion,” we should think. ”
“This is the newest wrinkle in the genre: What do stupid people think about something they don’t understand at all?”

Bertrand Russell
“By the law of excluded middle, either “A is B” or “A is not B ” must be true. Hence either “the present King of France is bald” or “the present King of France is not bald” must be true. Yet if we enumerated the things that are bald, and then the things that are not bald, we should not find the present King of France in either list. Hegelians, who love a synthesis, will probably conclude that he wears a wig.” (On Denoting)
“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”
“”Every school, with hardly any exception, has as one of its objects the deception of children. They teach them patriotism, to salute the flag. But the flag is a murder symbol, and the state is a pirate ship, a gang of murderers who have come together. When they salute the flag, they salute the symbol of bloody murder.” (1963)

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