Argue more effectively for climate change

There was an image circulating listing the current natural disasters and then saying climate change is evident.

I don’t deny climate change, but that’s a really poorly-made point. Change implies things used to be one way and are now another way. Moreover, to my knowledge, California gets wildfires and the east coast gets hurricanes. So pointing out those things are happening is not indicative of change.

Worse yet, I’m seeing this from the same sources I saw pictures in winter making fun of CC-deniers for saying CC isn’t real because of the current weather being chilly. So they should know by now that CC, or any trend for that matter, is established via multiple data points over an extended length of time.

Are we seeing an overall increase in quantity or intensity in wildfires or hurricanes over the span of many years? Stating the overall rate of increase is short enough to fit on an image and actually makes the point set out to be made.

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