Funny story from O’Hare airport

Funny story time! I was going through airport security and after the usual feel-up by security, I saw my bag had set off the alert system and was about to be torn apart.

I wondered what might had set it off. Maybe the bag of malic acid? I think I heard something about taking chargers out but was in a hurry and had other things on my mind so I forgot to play along with whatever new form of security theatre they were engaging in.

So I get to the counter and the guy asks “Do you have any Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?”

I say yeah and note I have a box in the back pocket. He says he knows. Okay. I mention after he pulls it out that I have a small tin in there, too, and he’s already pulling it out. I guess those machines are good at detecting the presence of children’s card games.

He ends up going through the whole collection and swabbing them and testing the swabs. I guess my deck must suck because they let me go and really the only explanation I can think of is they’re worried terrorists are now harnessing the power of the shadow realm.

One response to “Funny story from O’Hare airport”

  1. At least security is able to identify children’s toys now. I baffled security when I was about six with the presence of a plastic, light up magic wand in our family’s luggage. The TAS agents had no clue what it was, but let us go.

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