Reflections on the quick fall of Sarahah

Well, that anonymous platform fad seems to have risen and fallen in record time. (Several months ago.) Thoughts, observations, responses, etc.

~ I would guess the very low lifespan of the fad can be mostly blamed on a lack of interaction. You send something and then it’s sent. That’s totally unsatisfying. Earlier platforms allowed people to publicly post the messages and respond to them. This gave users extra reason to send interesting things and also come back to the site to check in on whether they got a response. Seeing what others said was also interesting.

~ The site seemed to be also aiming for a business audience (e.g. send anonymous tips or reviews to coworkers, etc.), but really any business that wanted that probably already has it.

~ Ted and I played around with it a bit and found out, for better or worse, it does actually have a filter. So, some of the nastiest messages just went into the abyss. No indication of the message not being delivered is given.

~ I finally got a negative message. Turns out insults with a complete lack of point to them just makes me assume I must have missed an idiot for the block list. Like, I have posted plenty of stuff online and have been plenty social in person. If someone doesn’t see something in all of that to criticize, I’m taking it as a compliment.

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