A new (metaphysical)-political compass

Usually when I get into political discussions, these two (or three) questions tend to come up the most. So I made a new political compass since I think the common one really only works within a pretty limited domain, anyway.

Some on the left like to say I’m on the right because I think people are ultimately responsible (descriptively) for their own actions. (You may notice this is a descriptive metaphysical question rather than a normative political one. Yes, that is kinda weird for a political compass. Nonetheless, it seems to be behind a lot of major disagreements, and a lot of practical questions depend on it.) Where a compatibilist goes on this, I’m not totally sure.

Some on the right like to say I’m on the left because I think we should abolish private property and the state and lift my reasons right out of the communist works that compelled me to that position in the first place. (Yes, it’s two questions on one axis. On the other hand, if you answer “yes” to the private property question, the “yes” to the state question is free anyway.)

The axes are oriented as they are to appease both of the somes I mentioned. (It also puts me at the bottom. Darn. I should’ve flipped vertically.)

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