Tying corporatism to social justice is bad

Booker engaged in some anti-poor voting earlier this year (he voted against the right to import medicine from Canada, where it’s cheaper. He used a clearly bad faith defense about safety, despite the clear lack of dead Canadians, though the ties to the American pharmaceutical companies are easy enough to see), but Benjamin Studebaker posted a nice post about that and a similar trend of focusing on discrimination to the exclusion of exploitation.

The issue may be even more pernicious, though. The “left neoliberals” have tied corporatism and racial/sexual justice together. So when mega-corporations are screwing the working class while waving a social justice flag, people may well see the two in a sort of union. Which leads to people like Trump being able to attack people of different religions, races, etc. and that gaining him political points.

(I will note that I think there’s some room on the discrimination is/isn’t a problem axis inasmuch as that discrimination is fixed by fixing exploitation is a distinct belief from that discrimination is dandy so long as class exploitation is fixed.)

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